Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Cleaning Small Parts is Fun

So, I tackled the crank hardware last night and this morning using "Pedro's Bio Cleaner" (my usual all-purpose bike cleaner), a toothbrush, my thumbnail, and some very fine ("0000") steel wool. I used the toothbrush and my thumbnail to get the old dried-on grease off, and the steel wool to polish off the accumulated grime on the crank and crank arms, and to give them a bit of a shine. Compare the second photo with the similar "before" picture from yesterday.

My next goal is to take off the headset/fork. Should get to that in a day or two. At that point, everything will be off the frame and I'll be ready for cleaning, sanding, masking, priming, painting, detailing, and clear coating, all in that order. All done by me.

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